Charity Care

Charitable Care in the Age of COVID-19

Clinics and organizations are struggling to serve patients as coronavirus cases rise and the number of people with health insurance declines.

Leveraging Debt Relief to Fight the Physician Shortage

Median medical school graduate debt in 2018 was $200,000, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).

Hearts for Charitable Care

Three clinicians discuss their inspiration to give back through medicine.

A Mission to Serve

Four physicians from diverse specialties discuss factors that motivate their work with organizations providing medical care to underserved communities around the world.

Healthcare Reform Rewrites Charitable Care Groups’ Roles

As the healthcare landscape changes, medical charities are adapting their approaches to meet clients’ needs more effectively.

Giving and Receiving: Physicians Find Fulfillment in Charitable Care

Religious institutions and organizations such as Doctors Without Borders have long facilitated physicians’ provision of philanthropic medical care and other services in areas impacted by disease, poverty and war.

Need for Charitable Care Remains High Despite ACA Coverage Expansion

When the Health Insurance Marketplace launched in 2014, millions of previously uninsured Americans gained coverage. But implementation of the ACA does not appear to have decreased the public’s reliance on free and charitable care.

The Health Collaborative

Improving the Health Status of the Community by Supporting Family Health and Fitness

Philanthropy and Profit: Driving Forces Behind International Telemedicine

Cross-border consultations have become commonplace, but developing best practices for international telemedicine is as much a question of regulation and technology as one of healthcare protocols.

Mammography on the Move

By making mammography more accessible, the Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center Bonnie Wells Wilson Mobile Mammography Program plays a vital role in WVU Healthcare’s fight against breast cancer.