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Possible HIPAA Updates Coming?

A bipartisan group of senators is pushing for a new commission to advise Congress on the best ways to modernize HIPAA. The 25-year-old law does not protect data recorded on personal electronic devices, like smartwatches or fitness trackers.

“Americans must...

Sophisticated Monitoring Made Easy

Remotely monitoring patients is an increasingly prevalent method of providing care, and a wealth of options have entered the market.

Moving Forward With Telehealth in a Post-Pandemic World

The COVID-19 pandemic rapidly accelerated the use of telehealth. Many in health care do not want to see regulations on virtual care snap back into place once the pandemic ends.


Advancing technology has changed the way we learn — with more people than ever turning to nontraditional sources for education.

Is Data Really Anonymous?

The same technology that unlocks your cellphone could put patient privacy in jeopardy.

Digital Communications Quagmire

Digital communications platforms allow for more patient engagement — when patients are able and willing to use them.

Innovative Solution Improves Implantable Device Communication

Researchers at the National University of Singapore are creating innovative ways to improve communication with implantable devices. The researchers determined that a shirt printed with specially pattered conductive ink not only helps electronic devices more efficiently transmit wireless signals but also conserves battery life.

Product Spotlight

New Device Treats Ear Infections Without General Anesthesia

Tusker Medical’s Tubes Under Local Anesthesia (Tula) System recently gained approval from the FDA to be used as an alternative treatment for recurrent ear infections.

After a study of more than 200 pediatric patients yielded...

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Uber in Your EHR?

Nonemergency transportation system Uber Health partnered with Cerner in an agreement that will allow providers to schedule Uber rides for patients directly from Cerner’s EHR — a partnership that should help patients attend their appointments.

The goal of Uber Health is...

Spotlight on Telemedicine

The use of technology enhances communication between a growing number of clinicians and their patients.